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Community Grants for 2024 are now available.

Click below to download an application form or email for further information.

Application close 19 April 2024

Who Can Apply for a Grant?

     To apply for a grant an organisation must:

  • Be incorporated, have an ABN or be supported or be part of an organisation that is incorporated or has an ABN;

  • Be not-for-profit;

  • Be able to complete the project before 30 November 2024 with the majority of participants and/or beneficiaries of the project living in the City of Glenorchy.

To receive a grant the organisation must have acquitted any previous grants given to them by the Glenorchy Community Fund, and have provided a satisfactory evaluation report of the project that has been accepted by the GCF Ltd board.

What Projects Will Be Considered?

The GCF seeks to support projects which :

  • Address social disadvantage;

  • Promote general health and well being; 

  • Strengthen community networks;

  • Develop community pride and belonging; and /or

  • Build community capacity.

What Projects Will Not Be Considered?

Funding will NOT be considered for  projects and/or expenditure that primarily involve :

  • Equipment maintenance, capital works, salary or administrative costs; 

  • Travel expenses;

  • Religious activities;

  • Individuals, for- profit organisations or political parties;

  • Research projects; or

  • Insurance premiums for public liability or other risks.

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