About Us

The Glenorchy Community Fund was set up to raise money to provide grants to Community Organisations for projects that benefit the people of Glenorchy.

We are a stand-alone community organisation with an independent volunteer board. Through donations and fundraising, the Glenorchy Community Fund is building a perpetual fund to provide an ongoing pool of money for worthwhile projects.

None of the money raised by our fund goes to either Government or Council. All monies obtained from donations and fundraising are invested and the earnings on those funds are distributed annually following a call for grant applications.

Our target was to raise $1 million in 10 years and, after six years, we’re about halfway there.

Already we have provided grants to 24 organisations for a wide variety of great community-building projects and, with your help, we hope to raise more money to help many more worthwhile projects into the future.


With the assistance of the Glenorchy City Council the Glenorchy Community Fund was officially launched in June 2010 under the umbrella of the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) by the then Mayor, Adriana Taylor.  A local volunteer Advisory Committee was responsible for the promotion and fund-raising activities of the Glenorchy Community Fund.

Monies donated to the Glenorchy Community Fund were deposited into a tax-deductible Fund at the ACF while those raised through fundraising activities were put into a non-tax deductible ACF Fund.  The earnings of both of these Funds were made available as grants for programs and projects beneficial to the Glenorchy Community.

In 2014 the Glenorchy Community Fund matured into a Company Limited by Guarantee and is now  a listed charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) in its own right.  Members of the Advisory Committee became the founding members of the new company and the Directors of its Board.  Hon Adriana Taylor MLC is the Chair of the Board of Glenorchy Community Fund Ltd (GCF Ltd).

The GCF has applied for  “Deductible Gift Recipient” (DGR) status so donations made to GCF Ltd in future will be tax-deductible. 

People can be assured that all funds raised by The Glenorchy Community Fund are safe and invested wisely to benefit the community.

We’ve also set up a “Friends of the GCF” network for people who want to help us grow the fund and the good work we are doing for the community.