Grants Awarded

Grants have been awarded each year since the formation of the Glenorchy Community Fund in 2010.

2015 - Total Grants awarded $11,194.40

Grant 1 - $1,300 - German Choir - Purchase new Organ

Most of the choir's performances are held in residential care facilities and with aged care service providers in the broader community. The choir benefits the local migrant and wider community by providing social interaction, opportunities to reminisce and contact with culture and language.

Members of the German Choir receiving the grant at the 2015 Annual Dinner

Grant 2 - $1,600 - The UnderstoryNetwork - Seed collection walks & Propagation workshops

Glenorchy residents will have an opportunity to participate in seed collection walks in their locality followed by propagation workshops at the nursery. The main purpose of the project is to provide residents with knowledge of native plants in their locality, to demonstrate the importance of these plants to the ecology of the area and to impart the skills needed to propagate and grow the plants.

Grant 3 - $2,700 - ParaQuad/Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania - All ability Sports Gala

Delivery of a week-long all ability sports gala, especially for people with disabilities living in Glenorchy. This will open doors of all organisations that provide opportunities for sport and recreation to people with varying levels of disabilities, thus encouraging increased participation and awareness of the range of activities that are available to them.

Kevin Faulkner accepting the grant on behalf of ParaQuad

Grant 4 - $3,500 - Glenorchy Historical Society/Guilford Young College - Birthplace of a City Project

Creation of a commemorative garden, together with interpretive material, to celebrate the birthplace of the City of Glenorchy. residents of Glenorchy will benefit from the project by having a living reminder of the history of the area. Students will benefit by engaging in active learning and by acquiring 'real life skills' undertaking the design, construction and planting of the garden.

Phil Butler accepting the grant on behalf of the Glenorchy Historical Society and Guilford Young College

Grant 5 - $2094.40 - Hobart PCYC - Step Up program

The purpose of the project is to re-engage young men in education. The grant will enable the PCYC to run a weekly alternate education program in conjunction with the Glenorchy City Council Youth Participation Officer. Step up is an innovative program that seeks to help young people experience success, identify their strengths and develop their self esteem and connection to community.

Grant 6- $2000 - West Moonah Community House- Wellness Expo

The purpose of the project is to promote all aspects of physiacl and mental health within the community through the conduct of a Wellness Expo to be held at the Moonah Arts Centre. The event is free to the community and will include free health checks such as hearing tests, BMI assessments and will also include healthy eating and cooking demonstrations.


A member of the West Moonah Community House Management Committee accepting the grant

2014 - Total Grants awarded $12,405.90

Grants were presented at the 2014 Fundraising Dinner by GCF Chairperson Adriana Taylor MLC

Grant 1 - $3,366 - Anglicare Tasmania Food Relief Program - Purchase commercial fridge

To buy a commercial fridge to safely store food for people accessing food through the services Anglicare provide at the Glenorchy office.

"The fridge expands the range of foods that community service organisations can distribute to people who, for a range of reasons, may not have enough to eat. The fridge means that fresh, nutritious items can now be included in emergency food hampers, which also contain canned and dry goods. The fridge is perfect for keeping fresh food donated through Second Bite, Foodbank and other community organisations".

Grant 2 - $3,500 - Centacare Annie Kenney Young Women's Emergency Accommodation Service - Purchase lounge suite and art & craft materials

To fund the purchase of a new lounge suite to replace an old, weathered suite and to purchase art and craft materials for the residents.

"We believe that being able to provide an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment allows for clients to gain a sense of respect and pride in their surroundings."

"Art nights have proven to be a huge success among our clients. We have identified that residents enjoy chatting with staff and each other during art sessions. Residents are also able to learn new skills and feel proud of the work they have created".

Grant 3 - $2,252 - Mission Australia Centre Chigwell House - Health & Wellbeing Program

To provide local comunity members with practical ideas to maintain a healthy lifestyle using a holistic approach - physical, mental and educational. To help build self-esteem and encourage participants to become mentors within the community. These skills could be passed on to not only other community members, but immediate family helping to make changes to generational mindsets.

Grant 4 - $649.90 -St John Ambulance Australia - Community Transport Service Pamphlet

To produce and print a quality pamphlet to make it easier for the general public and other referring agencies to know specifically what the St John Ambulance Community Transport Service does.

The quality brochure makes the information more accessible to a wider variety of referring agencies. The service is available to the Glenorchy community who may have difficulty accessing transport.

Grant 5 - $2,640 - Austins Ferry Primary School - Purchase Aluminium park setting

To erect park seating with waste receptacles for use by the local community, to create a picnic area incorporating the use of school play equipment and surrounding grounds. To provide opportunity for families to engage in the uniqueness of the local environment.


2013 - Total Grants awarded $10,972.90 (Glenorchy Rotary Club contributed $5000 towards 2013 grants)

Grants were presented at the 2013 Fundraising Dinner by GCF Chairperson Adriana Taylor MLC and Rotary Club of Glenorchy President Steve Walker

Grant 1 - $3,000 - Montrose Bay High School - Glenorchy Schools Writers' Scholarship 2013

Led by the Montrose Bay HIgh school, five Glenorchy Schools are collaborating on a project to improve the literacy skills of grade 5 to 7 students. The have conducted a writing competition to select 2 students from each school to attend the Writer’s Conference in Melbourne and attend workshops there. The students will be accompanied by a teacher from each of the schools.

They will then visit Ivanhoe Grammar School to observe the use of a program called “Writer’s Notebook” to look at how this could be used at their own schools.

The cost of the trip is around $11,500 and the schools have been carrying out fundraising events towards meeting this cost.


Megan Hoult accepting the grant on behalf of Montrose Bay High School

Grant 2 - $1,600 - Glenorchy RSL Bocce Club - Improvements to club facilities & playing surface

To fund much-needed improvements to the Glenorchy RSL Bocce Club facilities including:

  • heavy roller hire for 3 days to improve the condition of the courts
  • improvements to the club-house to provide BBQ shelter, strengthening & general aesthetics

All labour will provided in-kind by club members.

Andrea Ramondino accepting the Glenorchy RSL Bocce Club's Grant

Grant 3 - $1,000 - U3A Glenorchy Inc - Equipment Purchase

To purchase equipment needed for the move into a new block at Cosgrove High School which will become the University of the 3rd Age’s (U3A) permanent home.

Equipment needed includes:

  • Moveable white boards
  • 10 small tables for the Art Group
  • 2 large folding tables

Jim Hursey accepting the grant on behalf of U3A Glenorchy

Grant 4 - $800 - Montrose Dragon Boat Club Inc - Purchase Dragon Boat Trolley

The grant will help fund the $1000 cost to purchase a trolley to move the Dragon Boat from its storage shed to the water’s edge for launching. The Dragon Boat cannot be carried because of its weight and the physical wellbeing of the paddlers.

Membership of the club is open to both males and females and the age of current members rages from 13 years to over 70 years.

 Accepting the Montrose Dragon Boat Club's Grant

    Grant 5 - $672.90 - Australian Breastfeeding Association - Southern Tas Div - Purchase Education Materials 

 To purchase breasfeeding resource materials to target the centre’s wide cross section of the community that includes younger mothers, mothers from other cultures and mothers with a low level of literacy.

Resources to be purchased comprise:

  • 1 x multilingual breastfeeding fact sheets CD – 10 facts sheets in 13 different languages
  • 10 x set of 5, “You can Breastfeed Your Baby” – Low literacy & ESL booklet
  • 10 x set of 5, “You can Work & Breastfeed” booklet – Low literacy & ESL booklet
  • 1 pack of  leaflets - Alcohol & Breastfeeding: A Guide for Mothers
  • 1 pack of  Breastfeeding Confidence information booklets
  • 1 pad of Normal Nappies information sheets
  • 2 packs each of various tip cards – Facts for Fathers, Learning to Breastfeed, Solving Breastfeeding Problems, Why Mother’s Milk is Better
  • Various ABA booklet sets

tely no-one was available to collect the    

         Unfortunately no-one was able to attend to receive The Australian Breastfeeding Association grant

Grant 6 - $1,500 - West Moonah Community House - Purchase Equipment for Community Shed

    The West Moonah Community House has established a community shed and need to purchase equipment for it. 

The shed is a community facility that can be used by men, women and young people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to share common interests, learn new skills and enjoy social interaction and networking.

Types of equipment required include:

  • Grinders (4”, 5” & 9”)
  • Drill
  • Router
  • Hammer Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Planer
  • Biscuiter
  • Belt sander
  • Orbital sander
  • Finishing sander

Accepting the West Moonah Community House Grant


        Grant 7 - $2,400 - Bhutanese Community Assoc of Southern Tas Inc - Funding for cultural festivals

Financial support to hold two important cultural festivals, The Dashain Festival and the Deepwali Festival.

According to Hindu mythology these festivals carry significant importance in Hindu society and celebrating them with the broader community would be an excellent opportunity for Bhutanese people to share and preserve their cultures and festivals in their new country. It will also enhance the Bhutanese settlement and integration process with multicultural communities in Greater Hobart.

The festivals will be community events and will include:

  • Cultural dances
  • Specialty foods
  • Traditional dress
  • prayers

Ganga Thapa accepting the grant on behalf of the Bhutanese Assoc of Southern Tas


On Sunday 13 October 2013 the Bhutanese Community of Southern Tasmania held the first of two cultural days sponsored by the Glenorchy Community Fund and the Rotary Club of Glenorchy in our 2013 grants program.

Held at Cosgrove High School, a large contingent of the Bhutanese community of Southern Tasmania and friends filled the Assembly Hall. It was an extraordinarily happy day with music, dancing and singing, and some supportive speeches from State politicians across the spectrum.

This snap shows one of the younger members of the community unable to resist getting into the swing.


2012 - Total Grants awarded $9,020 (Glenorchy Rotary Club contributed $5000 towards 2012 grants)

Glenorchy Rotary's Beres Taylor presenting a cheque for $5000 to Glenorchy Community Fund Advisory Committee Chairman Adriana Taylor and Committee Member Kimberley Martin

Grant 1 - $1,500 - Windermere Primary School Association - The Windermere Shed

The Windermere Primary School Association had received funding from another source for the construction of a shed to be utilised as a woodworking and gardening facility. This subsequent grant is to be used to purchase equipment for the shed such as tools and gardening equipment.

The shed will be used as an additional learning facility for all of the school's students, particularly those whose behaviours impede their learning and the learning of others.

There will also be a strong focus on engaging parents and the broader community in a shared learning experience.

Kristie Johnston accepting the grant on behalf of the Windermere Primary School Association from GCF Advisory Committee Member Kimberley Martin with Glenorchy Rotary's Beres Taylor looking on.

Grant 2 - $1,500 - Bucaan Community House Inc - Bucaan Community House Youth Group

The Bucaan Community House runs a weekly youth group for children aged 8 to 15 years. The group is in desperate need of equipment for activities for the youth to participate in, both indoors and outdoors.

The grant will be used to purchase equipment such as a pool table & accessories, table tennis table, board games, AFL football, soccer ball and portable goals, sticky wicket cricket set and other indoor games.

The late Doreen Macdonald accepting the grant on behalf of the Bucaan Community House from GCF Advisory Committee Member Kimberley Martin with Glenorchy Rotary's Beres Taylor looking on.

Follow the link to see the outcome in an extract from the March 2013 Chigwell Chinwag E--newsletter


Grant 3 - $1,500 - Hobart Playback Theatre Inc - Life in Glenorchy - Telling our Stories

This grant will be used by the Hobart Playback Theatre to develop and perform stories that come from either the muticultural community or from young and single mothers.

The project builds upon two trial performances for young mothers in the Steps to the Future Program in Glenorchy.

Elisa Ryan accepting the grant on behalf of the Hobart Playback Theatre

Grant 4 - $2,020 - Family Planning Tasmania - Youth Information Card

Family Planning Tasmania will use this grant to increase access by under 25 males and females to its bulk billing clinic services.

The project will do this by producing high-quality, research-based promotional materials consistent with the motivations and needs of the target group.

The materials will be professionally designed and will include specific calls to action regarding relationship counselling, teen pregnancy prevention and protection against STIs.


Grant 5 - $2,500 - Uniting Care Tasmania - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program

This grant will be used to assist with funding for a number of activities throughout the year to provide information, fun and bonding activities to grandparenting families.

Activity 1 - a Fun Day at Tolosa Park with activity centre, BBQ, face painting, mural painting etc

Activity 2 - Parenting Skills Taster with presenters from various parenting programs summarising their programs.

Activity 3 - Health & Wellbeing Day featuring a laughter therapist, an exercise leader, mindfulness & massage therapists in a context of self care for wellbeing in spite of stressful family lives.

2011 - Total Grants awarded $3,000

Grant 1 - $1000 - Goodwood Community Centre - Creation of a children's orchard

The Goodwood Community Centre used its grant to create an orchard, using mini fruit trees, in its grounds. Children helped to plant the trees.

Grant 2 - $1000 - Hobart Women's Shelter - Happy Campers Project

The Happy Campers Project comprised a 4 day camp for women and children offering the following activities:

  • Cooking healthy & nutricious food
  • Children's games & activities
  • Women's suppport sessions
  • Peer interaction & support
  • Family support & mentoring
  • Outdoor activities, fun and laughter

Grant 3 - $1000 - Uniting Aged Care - Music & Memories Project

The Music & Memories Harmony Day project consisted of 5 weekly workshops sharing music and memories with Tabitha.

Tabitha, a Rwandan genocide survivor, shared insights of her culture, family, traditions and handicrafts. Tabitha was a workshop leasder in the Migrant Resource Centre Arts and Crafts Program 2011.

Residents shared their memories and love of music with Tabitha and created lyrics for a song for Tabitha to sing.